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Available Programs:​

  • Personal Training

  • 1-1 Online Personal Training

  • Semi-Personal Training

  • Large Group Training

  • Nutritional Programs

  • Winner of South Bays Favorite: Personal Trainers, Bootcamp, and weight loss center. 

  • Winner of Small Business of the Year

  • Individualized Programs 

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Easy Payment Options

  • Open 7 Days a Week

  • Knowledgeable Trainers

  • Affordable Training

  • Private, Dedicated Training Facility


Voted South Bays Favorite: Personal Trainer, Bootcamp, Weight Loss Center, and Winner of the 2022 Small Business of the Year Award. Elite Triangle Fitness has a diverse training staff with unique backgrounds to guarantee we have the fitness program perfect for you. Here, we offer affordable training in a judgment-free, friendly environment. Our private facility dedicated to our members provides the comfort of having your own private space to train and not the hassle of an overcrowded gym. All programs are designed specifically for our client's goals & needs and are not a 1 type fits all approach. Professional, passionate trainers have the freedom to focus truly on their client's health and happiness which is why all our clients meet their goals. 

Lady sitting on gym floor

Our Training

We have a diverse staff of trainers who are professional, friendly, and passionate about helping their clients achieve their goals. Trainers at Elite Triangle Fitness show up on time. They are available 24/7 to answer clients' questions, from nutritional advice to on-the-go workout plans. Trainers are always available for emotional support and to be a positive influence for their clients through their fitness journey. Scheduling is easy and convenient, with trainers available seven days a week and sessions available at all hours—Book Online or directly with your trainer. Trainers will solely develop training programs based on your goals and abilities. Trainers know and understand that each client has particular needs and always consider that when designing a workout session.


Our Facility

As soon as you step foot into Elite Triangle Fitness you will feel right at home. We have a friendly, clean, non-competitive, non-judgemental atmosphere. Our Private facility is dedicated only to our clients so their is never overcrowding, and only friendly faces. We pride ourselves on the friendship that develop among are members as they all work towards their own personal goals. Elite Triangle Fitness has all the tools and equipment necessary to develop a program that will be suitable to your specifics needs. Regardless of exercise history, previous and current injuries, and training preference we have everything you have been looking for. We have a private restroom, cold water, and towels available for you during your workout. Our private training facility gives you the feel of having your own luxury gym. 

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C.E.O. & Founder

Shain started his fitness career at Bally Total Fitness, as a personal trainer. In his first month he was honored with the "Trainer of the Month" award, which he would receive several more times. He was quickly promoted to Personal Training Manager where he would take on the roll of educating new trainers, while continuing to get his clients amazing results. Shain would be promoted to Fitness Director at Bally Total Fitness where he remained until Bally's was sold to LaFitness. 

Shain had bigger goals and dreams so he resigned from LaFitness in order to open his own facility. With his own facility he would have the freedom to put his clients' needs and goals first, as well as provide a facility to other passionate independent trainers. 

 "What excites me most is seeing how different someone’s life can become when they get fit and healthy. Their renewed energy and the positive things they begin doing for themselves and others inspires me."  -Shain

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