Client Success Stories

Elite Triangle Fitness is a very personal training facility. That gives us the opportunity to get to know our clients and their individual personalities and stories. Because of that, we take their success in reaching their fitness goals very personally, and celebrate their wins alongside each of them. Although it sounds trite, we view our clients more like family than customers.

That’s why I wanted to take some time out and share some details about three of our clients that graciously agreed to be interviewed for this article.

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“I am an active person who loves to golf,” Michele said. She was a Y member and was always focused on her health and well- being. “I watched my own mother go downhill for lack of exercise and taking care of herself and I didn’t want to do that to myself.”


Michele found herself unable to exercise for several weeks in 2014 when she had foot surgery. She was really anxious to get back to her physical activities, one of which was golfing with her husband. At the time, her daughter was taking a group class at Harbor College that Shain Rossi was teaching and encouraged her mother to join the class. She soon began taking one-on-one classes with Shain and now takes two classes per week with him.


Most people are a little nervous about training with a personal trainer, thinking it will be a brutal and grueling experience. But Michele didn’t find that to be the case at Elite Triangle Fitness.

“I found that I really liked the individualized approach with Shain. He makes it challenging for me but also achievable. I am not threatened by this personal training because it is tailored to me, just for me, and I plan to stay with Shain for the foreseeable future. Shain works with me on my goals and my fitness plan and I know it is going to keep me going for years to come.”

Natural Model


Rachel worked with Shain on a short-term goal of getting into shape for her wedding. That process soon turned towards another objective: toning up and becoming stronger to indulge her passion for sprint triathlons. These events cover shorter distances than traditional triathlons, but are still comprised of grueling swimming, biking, and running segments. For this training, she now works with Cliff Cisneros, another personal trainer at Elite Triangle Fitness. Normally she trains twice a week with Cliff, but if she is training for an upcoming triathlon, she will work out four to five times per week.


“I prefer this personal training to the larger gyms. I find it less intimidating, you can focus more, and I don’t like training with big men who think you don’t know what you are doing,” said Rachel. “Besides – it is much cleaner!” she laughed.


“Cliff works with me and encourages me. He listens to me and we work out things together. I like that we work out a time that is convenient for me and I initially thought I would only do this for a few months. Now I am hooked! Although I don’t know how long I will keep it up, I hope it is for a long time.”

Elegant Young Handsome Man


Michael is a man on the move. He puts in long hours and working from 9AM to 2AM is not unusual for him. With an unpredictable schedule, finding time for fitness is always a challenge.


“There is a large franchise fitness facility close to my office in Rancho Palos Verdes, but the trainers are not as personal and the atmosphere is completely different. With Cliff, I get a very personal workout tailored to my needs. He has helped me really get in shape and one morning Shain came in at 5AM because that is the only time I had to work out,” Michael said. “Here, my goals are Cliff’s goals and he set me up on a macronutrient diet designed especially for me.”


Michael also noted that he can text Cliff with questions about certain foods and he gets answers back right away. “I can eat almost anything as long as I stay within the numbers decreed by the diet. It works well for me.” Michael began a program with three sessions per week, but liked it so much that he now works out four days per week.


When asked what he enjoys most about training at ETF, Michael explained, “It is the site and personal atmosphere that I really like. It is warm and friendly and I am in great shape now. I feel great!”