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How to Overcome Body Image Issues

“A workout is not a punishment for your body, but instead a reward for your abilities.”

Most of us have a part of our body we’re not too thrilled with. Whether you think your calves are too small or your thighs are too big, there may be one or more things you want to “fix.” Both men and women can be unsatisfied with their bodies, and is not a gender specific problem There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your body. But if body image issues are negatively affecting your quality of life, then there’s a problem.

Why we develop poor body image

Body image issues can develop for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the number on the scale or the size of your waistline are not the issue. Even fit people who are at a healthy weight develop poor body image. Poor body image may occur due to social, family, and peer values. Those values influence our self-worth and self-perception.

A common reason negative body image develops is because we tend to compare ourselves to others. For example, you see a celebrity-of-the-moment on Instagram and wonder if you measure up.

But what you see is usually not what you get when it comes models and celebrities. Pictures are often touched up. Even when photos are not Photoshopped, most celebrities have a team behind them to do their hair, makeup, and make sure the lighting is just right to have the most flattering images. It’s impossible to compete with airbrushed images and a team of experts.

Social media can also play another role in body image issues. People Tweet, post photos on Facebook, and write about themselves all day long. It can create an atmosphere where we might be tempted to become a little self-obsessed with our own image.

Regardless of why poor body image develops, it can have a negative impact on your life. Poor body image can lead to decreased self-esteem, depression, and in extreme cases, even an eating disorder. Decreased confidence in your body and appearance can have a ripple effect. Other areas of your life from relationships to work can be negatively affected.

Learn to love your body

Fortunately, negative body images can be changed. It might take a conscious effort, but you can learn to love your body. Consider some of the following suggestions:

Appreciate what your body can do

Your body can do amazing things. From creating life to dancing to running a marathon, celebrate all your body is capable of doing.

Stop the negative self-talk

The next time you tell yourself you’re not thin enough, or you’re too tall or too short, stop yourself. Literally, say stop out loud if you need to. You would not talk about a friend that way, so stop treating yourself with disrespect. It might take a little time to get out of the habit of negative self-talk, but eventually you’ll rewire your brain.

Keep everything in perspective

Working to get fit and improve your body is great. Being the best you can be is an admirable goal. But it should be part of a well-rounded life, not your entire life. Spend time with family and friends, enjoy hobbies, and pursue other interests you care about. Remember to focus on your inner self too, not just your outer self.

Do you need some help overcoming body image issues and getting things put back into perspective? The personal trainers at Elite Triangle Fitness are here to help you. Call us for a free consultation today!

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